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Om Namo Bhagavate

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Guru Purnima Message

From 19 July 2016

Satyachetana Ashram, Tiruvannamalai.

Jai Gurudev

Blessed Yogis, Devotees and Collaborators of Divine,

On the occasion of Guru Purnima I am glad to be with you all and share with you what I feel on this auspicious day.

We are celebrating Guru Purnima because it is the birthday of Vyasadev, one who gave to mankind the scriptures: the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, the Brahmasutra, and the Vedanta darshan. One who gave the jnana to mankind in a very systematic format that the mind can understand and the intellect can comprehend, it is the day of his advent. We don’t call it the birthday of Vyasadev, we call it Vyasa Purnima. That is the manifestation of Vyasadev. There is no mention anywhere in any scripture when Vyasadev was born, because the Vyasadev who is considered the guru of mankind is not a form, it is the manifestation of the force of wisdom, and that manifested today.

Guru as you all know is the gunatit rupavarjit force. Gunatit means that which is beyond the gunas, beyond the modes of prakriti and beyond the power of prakriti. Purnima is the full moon. This is symbolically the entire process of sadhana. Sadhana begins from the zone of darkness, as the movement of the moon begins on the non-moon day, the dark night, and with the passage of each day the moon moves one degree so that on the night of the full moon the moon is complete. In the same way, the sadhana of a seeker begins at a time when the mind cannot register. None of you can exactly tell in which year, on what day or at what time your sadhana began, because the journey for light begins in the zone of darkness and moves forward and enters into the sphere of light.

Each day, as the moon expands its light, an awakened seeker expands his awareness. The fifteenth day of the moon is considered the full moon, but full moon always refers to the night. Today as per the Vedic calendar is chaturdashi, the fourteenth day of the moon, but when the night comes it will be the fifteenth night for the moon. We all know that as we move from day to night, we move away from light to enter the zone of darkness. But as we move from day to night on the full moon, we enter into a night full of light, the light without heat, the light that is soothing. That is the symbolism behind Guru Purnima.

The seeker constantly marches forward. As the moon continually enters more and more into the zone of light, the seeker enters into the zone of pure light, that is pure awareness, more and more, and a day comes when the awareness is complete. That is when the seeker transcends the barrier of seeking and becomes light, knowledge and wisdom, and transcends the triple identification of the veil of maya. At that point he feels, knows, experiences and is convinced that he is Brahman, he is the Absolute, All-pervading. That is the gunatit state, the guru state. The seeker withers away and what is manifested is the seer.

On this Guru Purnima day I bless you all to reach that state of seerhood. I strongly aspire and sincerely believe that if you are keeping your aspiration strong and intact, you will definitely reach that state of fullness, that state of completeness when you the Sat will be eternally present along with you the chit. That is the state of the guru. The guru is not a statue, not a stoic individual, it is not a mere witness, it is not someone who is indifferent to what is happening to you in the zone of chit or what is happening to you in the zone of awareness. The guru who is gunatit force in a form always plays its role, and activates the force within so that the power will fully manifest. Sometimes through his descent, sometimes through his ascent, sometimes with you the jivatma fully involved and sometime with you the jivatma fully delinked. It is a very delicate role and the guru shakti through the form called guru always plays its part only if we are able to keep our link intact.

On this Guru Purnima day I bless you all so that each one of you can reach that gunatit state and remain active in the zone of chit to manifest pure love, true knowledge and absolute truth on earth consciousness. This is our mission. For this mission to manifest we all are called and chosen. There is absolutely no difference between you and me, there is only a gap, whereby I have reached the state of fullness and am in full moon, but maybe you are in the fourth moon or eighth moon or tenth moon or twelfth moon. But this gap between you and I is constantly getting reduced. The day is not far off when many of you will wither away in Me the all-pervading, and I the all-pervading will manifest fully in you and wither away.

This is the beautiful relationship we have. You wither away in me and in doing so you manifest the supreme delight. And I wither away in you and through that I simply manifest me as you. This is the mission for you and me and this is the role I am playing for you to make you I in that form.

Guru Purnima day we celebrate by remembering our link with the guru, recollecting our memories with the guru and evaluating our relationship and finding out where and when we were ahead and the guru was behind, and when and where the guru was ahead and we were running behind him. This is the beautiful relationship between an awakened seeker and a conscious seer. The guru-disciple relationship is not a one-way journey, it is not a game where the guru always wins and disciple always loses. No. The disciple many a time wins and the seer frequently loses in the relative plane. This is the reason the seeker gathers more and more strength to proceed towards the goal. Had it been otherwise the seeker would not be able to retain his enthusiasm to reach the goal. This is the reason enlightened masters often consciously behave and react as if they are ordinary human beings, because that is the only way that a seeker can transcend the limitations imposed on him or her by prakriti.

On this day I feel great joy, not because it is the day when you all are remembering me and celebrating my life with you, but because I clearly feel that many of you are very near the goal. Gone are the days of my sadness and worries about whether I will be able to see at least five in the gunatit state before I drop the body. I am now convinced that many of you will reach the state where I am today and that will come much before I leave this human body.

On Guru Purnima day every awakened seeker aspires to attain the gunatit state and every loving seer gives the blessing for them to reach it. Today is not the day to calculate how much you have lost. Today is that day to find out how much you have really gained in your inner journey and what needs to be done for the next year to make sustained progress.

Have faith on my words and march with confidence. Reach the goal before the lamp goes out, because you are in the zone of darkness. The degree of light is still not hundred percent.

Blessings and Love.

All Glory to Gurudev.